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Virtual Villagers the lost children tips and tricks - puzzle solutions

PUZZLE SOLUTIONS The following is a list of solutions to the game's puzzles, 16 in all. So, don't read further unless you need help solving them. You've been warned! Most of the game's puzzles are dependent on a mixture of technology and villager skills. Plus, some puzzles need to be completed before you can accomplish others. Also, don't be fooled into thinking that they're completed in the order displayed, as that's not necessarily the case. Fire puzzle solution The first puzzle to be solved is starting a fire. Drop a villager on the wood pile in the southwest corner of the island and they will carry wood to the fire pit in the center. Then, take them to the pink flowers west of the coconut trees to collect some dried grass. Once the wood and grass are in place, drop them onto the fire pit and they will start a fire. Make sure to add wood occasionally to keep the fire from going out. The Dam puzzle solution Once you reach Level Two Engineering, drop a builder on the rocks just above the pool of water in the southeast corner of the island. They will construct a dam to irrigate the fields to the immediate left so that crops can be planted. This will also uncover an ancient mosaic on the ground, the site of a later puzzle. The Scarecrow puzzle solution This puzzle requires the completion of the dam above. Once you plant your crops, you need a scarecrow to keep the parrots away. Drop an Adept-level (or better) farmer on the twisted pieces of wood and vine just below the rock pile in the north center of the map. You'll need to do this twice. The Cutting Tool puzzle solution You need a cutting tool to clear the vegetation that covers the entrance to the cave in the north and the vine wall to the east. After you acquire Level Two Exploration, drop a Master Scientist on the sharp stones just above and to the right of the twisted pieces of wood and vine used for the scarecrow. When he's done, take him back for a second trip for the wood and vines necessary to finish the tool. Herb Mastery puzzle solution This puzzle is easy to complete early in the game. Six herbs are located around the edges of the map. Each one will be identified as a "strange plant" when a villager is held over it. Have a healer examine each one of them until they master it to complete this puzzle. The location of each herb is as follows: The green plant in the upper left hanging over the wall of stones. The blue flower at the top center just to the right of the cave. The lavender daisy at the far top-right above the sacred area. The black chain of flowers just above the waterfall on the east. The bright red flowers southeast of the dam. The large orange flower to the south of the village. The Elder Totem puzzle solution Once you have a villager who has mastered three skills, they become an Esteemed Elder. When this happens, a totem is created and placed in your village in their honor. It can be moved anywhere you like. Sustainable Fishing puzzle solution When the ocean to the west is over-fished, it develops algae. To eliminate the problem and restore fishing, special algae-eating fish must be transported from the pond to the ocean. This requires Level Three Farming and a Master Farmer or Master Scientist. Take them to the pond and drop them in. Once enough algae-eating fish are transported to the ocean, the algae will clear. The Vine Wall solution Along the east wall are a number of vines that conceal some strange markings. To uncover these, you must first complete the cutting tool and purchase Level Three Culture. Drag a villager to the wall and release them. They will use the cutting tool to remove the vegetation. The Stew puzzle solution In order to make stews, you must first recover the cauldron from the wood pile in the southwest. It will appear after you purchase Level Two Exploration. With the fire burning and the cauldron next to it, drop a villager on the cauldron three times. Once each to put it on the fire, fill it with water and add food. Then, drop a villager on any of the herbs you have mastered adding a total of three to the mix in any combination (you can use multiples of the same herb). Of course, different selections of herbs will have different results. Keep track of the ingredients in all the stews you make. You want to avoid duplication and don't want to recreate a bad stew (it can make your villagers sick). If you treat your villagers to the best, they will stay healthy and remain happy. Here are some recipes. The numbers for each herb correspond to the herbs as listed and identified under Herb Mastery. 1+2+6 = Your villager feels healthier after eating. 1+5+6 = This stew gave your villager a burst of energy. 2+3+4 = This spicy stew clears your villager's nose and throat. 3+5+6 = This stew gives off a very sweet smell. 4+5+6 = Your villager feels healthier. 4+6+6 = Strange stew...your villager feels no need to breathe. Ancient Ruins Once you've completed the dam and reached Level Three Engineering and Exploration, you can drag a villager to the ancient ruins in the southeast corner of the map and they will start uncovering the site. Hospital Obtain Level Three Engineering and Medicine, and a foundation will appear in the south central portion of the map. This lets your villagers build a hospital. Sewing Hut Once you reach Level Two Culture, a foundation become visible for a sewing hut just east of the wood pile in the southwest corner of Isola. This allows your villagers to change clothing, but at a cost of 5,000 tech points each. Ouch! Where's Thurston Howell III when you need him? Sunken Gong Piece One piece of the gong is located in the pool on the eastern edge of the village. This sunken gong piece is obtained by making a special magic stew consisting of one of the black flowers near the waterfall and two of the large orange flowers to the south of the village (herbs 4+6+6 as indicated above). Have a villager eat the stew, and then drop them in the pool. Inlaid Gong Piece Once one of your villagers has become an Esteemed Elder and been honored with a totem and after you've completed the ancient ruins puzzle, drop a totem on the mosaic in the center of the ruins to retrieve another piece of the gong. Boxed Gong Piece This piece of the gong is inside the crate on the beach to the west. Three Master Builders working together are needed to open it. Overgrown Gong Piece After you purchase Exploration Level Two and complete the cutting tool, your villagers can clear away the vegetation blocking the cave to the north (the Gong Encasement). Doing so reveals a piece of the gong.


Anonymous said…
Thought you might could use this:

Here are the stews I have so far:

There is no matter in the order in which the food/water/or herbs are


A-emits a rainbow, clears the nose and throat with its spiciness
123, 234

B- no emission, makes the villagers dance with a burst of energy

C-emits white dots, makes the villagers feel healthier

D-emits green smoke and is inedible
114, 246, 245, 345, 145, 134, 146, 346

E-has no emission, makes the villagers thirsty
124, 224

F-has no emission, makes the villagers pee

G-emits white dots, makes the villagers horny if the opposite sex is


H-has no emission, makes the villagers healthier
223, 225, 111, 112, 113, 116, 126, 221, 256, 136, 235, 236

I-no emission, very spicy
135, 115

J-emits white dots and gives off a sweet smell

K-gives off white stars, and allows the villagers to go without

breathing for a while

L-no emission, makes the villagers jumpy due to being allergic to the

222, 226
Zheke said…
Thanks for your contribution. If you dont have objections, I'll post your tips. Waiting for more advices and may be even articles.
Anonymous said…
The ancient puzzle ruin solution doesn't ork for me...
Anonymous said…
i found the cauldron but i dont see it at fireplace! what a waste
Anonymous said…
how do you plant crops? every time i take a frmer there it says this soil is to dry to plant crops.

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