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Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children Preview (Virtual Villagers 2)

Right now, even as you read this, thousands of gamers from around the world are at their job or school -- yet they're daydreaming of little island castaways.

No, they're not so concerned with the gang from Lost or Survivor. Instead, they've fallen for a lovable cast of characters fending for themselves on Isola, a fictitious island in the mega-popular casual game, Virtual Villagers. This runaway hit - which challenges you to micromanage the lives of these shipwrecked men, women and children -- has captured the hearts of many for its accessible yet addictive game-play, attractive graphics and soothing music.

And so we hereare proud to unveil the next installment in this life simulation series: Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children game.

Yep, you read it here first, folks. The talented folks at Last Day of Work Games has been hard at work on a sequel that doesn't mess with the tried-and-true formula that made Virtual Villagers a resounding success, but has added a handful of goodies to satiate fans of the game and newbies alike.

But before we get into the new features, here's a quick refresher for those who haven't yet clicked their way through Isola: Played from a top-down perspective, gamers must help villagers collect food for the tribe, build structures, research new technologies (such as farming and medicine) and, of course, mate to create offspring, which is achieved by using the mouse to drag an adult male onto an adult female; if they like each other, they discretely enter a hut and ahem, wait for a stork to bring a baby. Over time, kids grow into adulthood, and then can contribute to society by assisting wherever help is needed. Villagers learn skills over time, meaning they may be more adept to one task over another. It' virtually impossible not to become attached to these villagers over time - but alas, some will grow sick and may even die.

Another unique feature with Virtual Villagers game - and other games from the designers at Last Day of Work - is the "persistent" nature of the story.

Download Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children (free trial)

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Anonymous said…
this game is cool!!! If there is Virtual villagers 3 I will download it because THIS GAME ROCKS!!!
Zheke said…
3rd part is coming soon. Stay tuned )
Anonymous said…
Hey, does anyone know when Virtual Villagers 3 will come out, if so post a comment saying the month the year and the day.Thanx

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