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Virtual Villagers the lost children tips and tricks

Welcome to the Virtual Villagers the lost children tips and tricks, an exciting new game from Last Day of Work and Big Fish Games. Here is some basic game strategies to use into play, and some solutions to the puzzles. So, read at your own risk!



In the first thing to consider is the importance of naming and allows each resident. Select citizen Detail, click and change its name to one you can easily remember (as someone you know). This will help you remember who's who, so you can stay on top of every resident of the village.


Research Study early and often! Site is a small, but there's a lot can be found. Drop your peasants anything that looks interesting. Even though he said they do not have the necessary skills or skill level, at least, you know, something not! Just about every part of your land has a secret. Keep note everything you can find a link at a later date. And, in case you do not know, you can use the number keys to compress around the island. Keys 1-9 with nine different sections of Isola. You can even select someone and quickly pushed them in the right place.


Stay on top of your villagers and their skills -- Farming, Building, Research, Healing and Parenting. Initially, make sure you have at least one person working on each of the skills. Some puzzles require a specific level of skill, so you always want to be ready.

Villagers need to be taught to perform a job. So, keep an eye on them at the start of their "career." Some have short attention spans and will wander off. Eventually, as they learn their job and reach Trainee level, they will become more automatic at performing it.

Also, remember to assign skills to each of your villagers on the Detail screen. Note that some children are actually born with an aptitude in one or more skills, inherited from their parents. Keep that in mind when making your assignments, as they will advance more quickly in a skill for which they already have a propensity. You can use this to your advantage, too, by playing matchmaker. If you need more builders, introduce a Master Builder to that special someone.

Developing Skills Skills in Farming are developed by gathering food for your community. At the beginning of the game, you start by dropping a villager into ocean on the west side of the map where they learn to fish. This initially keeps a decent supply of food in the camp. Ultimately, your villagers will learn to climb nearby trees for yummy coconuts, and to plant and harvest crops.

Building is fairly straightforward. As you progress in technology, new foundations will appear on the map. Just drag and drop a villager onto these and they will begin building. Builders can also repair structures. One of the huts you start with is dilapidated, so repair it when you get a chance. In addition, many secrets are scattered across the map that only Master Builders can uncover. Keep an eye out!

Research is the easiest skill to develop since it involves just the research table. But, knowing where to invest your points can be tough. Use them on science early because tech points will accrue faster. This way, you can progress in all the other technologies sooner!

Healing can seem a bit tricky at first, but a few easy ways exist to increase this skill. The first is obvious -- heal people! When someone is sick, they wander over by the fire and sit on the ground. You can also tell if someone is sick if you hear them cough. Simply drop your healer onto them and they will be cured. If no one is sick, you can still develop this skill. Around the edge of the map are six plants to study. Drag a villager onto one of these plants and they will begin examining it. The more they study, the greater their skill. These herbs, by the way, comprise one of the main puzzles and are used to create stews (see below).

Parenting is the final skill, but an important one you need to manage correctly. If your population grows too fast, your villagers may starve. If it grows too slowly, workers will take a long time to develop. So, try and find a healthy medium. Also be aware that a mother nursing a baby will do nothing else for the equivalent of two game years!

Starting to play You begin the game with three workers (two adults and a teenager) and several young children. Assign one each to be a farmer, builder and researcher. Parenting can wait a bit (but, not too long), and healing can be done by one of your main villagers as the need arises. Once several more workers come of age, add another builder, researcher and farmer, and train someone as a Master Healer.

Game Speed In regards to game speed, if you're going to actively manage your virtual village, keep it on Normal or 2x Speed. If you're going to be away for several hours or all night, put it on ½ Speed. If you're leaving it unattended for a day or more, Pause it. You don't want to came back to find most or all of your villagers dead of starvation or disease.

Events Occasionally a "random" event will occur that gives you a choice to make. For example, a crate may wash up on shore and you'll have to decide whether to open it or not. It could contain food supplies or diseased rats. So, pay attention to the details and think carefully before you make a decision. The obvious choice may not always be the best one. Choose incorrectly, and you could end up in dire circumstances. Choose wisely, though, and you may receive a reward!

Collections Occasionally, special items appear that only children can collect. Mushrooms add to your food supply, while other objects are part of special collections, specifically Butterflies, Shells, Beetles and Pebbles. Most of the time, children won't pick them up automatically. You need to physically drop a child onto them. So, it pays to continually peruse the little island looking for these objects. If you already have a collectable, get it anyways as duplicates add to your tech points.

In-game tips can be accessed by clicking the mask on the main game screen (lower left). These are the same tips that randomly appear when the game is loading.

Villagers who are sick should be healed as soon as possible. They will continue to grow weaker and die if not treated. If any of your villagers show a condition of weakened health, switch their job to something less demanding to aid in their recovery.

Curiosity is often a clue to the location of the game's main puzzles. So, watch where your villagers go and see what they're interested in.


katedove6 said…
ive finished all puzzles rung the gong and nothing happens is that i???? game over???
Fiona said…
i dunno either ... i'm in the same boat. if u find out lemme know
i thought i need to complete my collections, i got all the exploration tech also but i'm not even finding a single new item. they're all old .. so now what?
is it over with the gong?

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