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Magic Match: The Genie's Journey Tips & Tricks

Been playing Magic Match for a while, but you want to get perfect? Well, you'll need a lot of practice and traning. But to sure you know all the game tricks and secrects and to fight the Djinn's magic, which is crafty and tough - read our advices. We hope they are full enough.
Check out our Tips & Tricks for Magic Match: The Genie's Journey.




  • The number of feathers in the peacock's tail shows how many moves you have left (More feathers mean more moves).
  • If you're stuck and can't see any more matches to make, just wait for a while and a shimmering effect will guide you to a possible move.
  • Create matches on the blue tiles to gain magic points used for casting spells.
  • It's best not to use spells frivolously, because if you run out of moves AND spell points, your game is over. Use spells only when you have no choice and there are no more possible moves on the board.
  • The coins and other bonuses you earn for matching five or more tiles do not carry over to the next level, so make the most of them while they're on the board.
  • Medallions (the items that let you chain two different components together) do carry over to the next level, however, so feel free to horde those for when the going gets tough.
  • When you make a match, new tiles fill in from whichever direction you drag the mouse from. (For example, if you drag to the right, new tiles will fill in from left to right). Use this to strategically drag the symbols you want into the appropriate spaces.
  • To make optimal use of the Shuffle spell, make sure you're creating matching opportunities at both ends of the swap
  • In later levels especially, speed is more important than accuracy. Don't be afraid to create matches even if you don't need any more of those particular spell components because this will keep your magic meter from dropping.
  • When the speed is becoming too challenging, aim to set off as many tornados as possible - the tornado animation buys you about five seconds of time to plan your next move in advance.
  • In Level 36, Stage 4 you can create one huge match across the entire board by starting at one end and dragging your mouse around all the stones to the far end.
  • In the Centipede-inspired bonus game where you have to shoot ghosts and collect the diamonds they drop, try this strategy: When the first ghost appears, wait until it travels one space to the left and then shoot it to turn it into a tombstone. This tombstone will contain the other ghosts in a tiny space, so you can pick them off one by one and collect the diamonds at your leisure.


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