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Download and Play - Chicken Chase

Download Chicken Chase for freeSo, what do you think came first - egg or the chicken? Well, you will not be worried with this question while playing the latest casual arcade game  - Chicken Chase.  Consider it a "whack a mole"-like arcade with a  more story, depth and variety. Or, a game similar to PopCap's Insaniquarium, but with chickens and ravens, instead of fish and aliens.Your  grandpa and grandma are having trouble taking care of  the farm - in fact, they're facing foreclosure. So you have to help them.  Your missions include hatching eggs, raising and selling chickens, staving off predators and buying tool and food upgrades to aid in your task. With a little elbow (er, make that chicken) grease, you can save the farm, make it look like new and put a little greenback into your grandparent's coveralls. Here is some Chicken Chase tips and tricks: The gameplay is looks like this: you see the chicken yard outside of the barn and a few chickens pecking around …

Download and play Belle's Beauty Boutique game (free trial download)

Download the free trial of Belle's Beauty Boutique. Belle’s Beauty Boutique game is a new game like Diner dash where you serve customers. However, in this game you are doing hair and makeup your customers and all that. It’s really fun and has an excellent salon theme to it. You can now download Belle’s Beauty Boutique at Big Fish Games. It looks to be pretty fun and you might really like it if you can’t get enough of these fast paced service games. Run your own beauty salon! In Belle's Beauty Boutique you must help run a beauty parlor single-handedly. The owner, Belle, needs your help to give all of her customers the treatments they want. Help her wash, cut, shampoo, and color a crazy cast of characters. Watch them gossip, flirt, and help Belle realize her dream of creating the ultimate beauty salon.

Download and play Cradle of Rome

Download and Play Cradle of Rome game (free trial download)Play the latest match-three puzzle game - Cradle of Rome. Build the heart of the Ancient Roman Empire and become the Emperor! This legendary city was one of the most beautiful and powerful capitals to ever exist in history. And you'll have a chance to bring back to life all the beauties of the Roman glory. Use your matching skills to Coliseum can become a good training school for your brave gladiators! And the Pantheon - the Temple of all the Roman Gods - will bring you luck! The fabulous Caesar's land opens its gates in front of you in this engaging puzzle game Cradle of Rome!You start  a game at the beginning… First a village appears… Then you buy a fountain and a tavern… Will you choose the water mill or the blacksmith next? As you play more and earn enough money and supplies to buy larger buildings, watch your city grow into a vast and magnificent center of life, the heart of the antiquity! You'll be able to re…

Virtual Villagers the lost children tips and tricks - puzzle solutions

PUZZLE SOLUTIONS The following is a list of solutions to the game's puzzles, 16 in all. So, don't read further unless you need help solving them. You've been warned! Most of the game's puzzles are dependent on a mixture of technology and villager skills. Plus, some puzzles need to be completed before you can accomplish others. Also, don't be fooled into thinking that they're completed in the order displayed, as that's not necessarily the case. Fire puzzle solution The first puzzle to be solved is starting a fire. Drop a villager on the wood pile in the southwest corner of the island and they will carry wood to the fire pit in the center. Then, take them to the pink flowers west of the coconut trees to collect some dried grass. Once the wood and grass are in place, drop them onto the fire pit and they will start a fire. Make sure to add wood occasionally to keep the fire from going out. The Dam puzzle solution Once you reach Level Two Engineering, drop…

Virtual Villagers the lost children tips and tricks

Welcome to the Virtual Villagers the lost children tips and tricks, an exciting new game from Last Day of Work and Big Fish Games. Here is some basic game strategies to use into play, and some solutions to the puzzles. So, read at your own risk! BASIC STRATEGIESOrganizationIn the first thing to consider is the importance of naming and allows each resident. Select citizen Detail, click and change its name to one you can easily remember (as someone you know). This will help you remember who's who, so you can stay on top of every resident of the village. ExplorationResearch Study early and often! Site is a small, but there's a lot can be found. Drop your peasants anything that looks interesting. Even though he said they do not have the necessary skills or skill level, at least, you know, something not! Just about every part of your land has a secret. Keep note everything you can find a link at a later date. And, in case you do not know, you can use the number keys to compress aro…

Travelogue 360 Paris

Download and play Travelogue 360 Paris game Among its renowned landmarks and hidden gems waiting to be discovered, Paris holds something new for each of its visitors. Scour some of the world's most famous locations for souvenirs as you prepare to be interviewed for an upcoming article in Travelogue 360 magazine. Locate items hidden in 3-Dimensional views of the Eiffel Tower, down the Champs Elysees, under the Arc d'Triomphe, and others of Paris' most beloved landmarks. Find your own Paris in this incredible voyage.

Download Jewel Quest II

Download and play Jewel Quest II game Africa, 1944. Join Professor Pack on the ultimate jewel matching adventure across the world's richest continent. Rearrange precious relics to turn tiles into gold as you advance through relentlessly challenging puzzles. The wilds of the safari, the history of the Zimbabwe ruins, and the majesty of Victoria Falls await your discovery. Filled with puzzles of skill, treasure, and twists, Jewel Quest II is the adventure you've been waiting for.

Virtual Villagers - The Lost Children

Virtual Villagers - The Lost Children Finally! It on sale! Continue the epic story of the castaways of Isola in Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children. Guide your tribe as they rescue a group of lost children and help them survive new adventures. Your villagers need to become farmers, builders, scientists, healers and parents, and will make decisions about unpredictable "Island Events" that happen from time to time. Lead your villagers as they solve all new puzzles and hidden mysteries of the west shores of the island. Will your tribe survive? Continuing the story, Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children beckons for a return to that beautiful Pacific isle. On our first visit, the castaways explored every nook and cranny of their south beach getaway, eventually moving an immense stone blocking a mysterious cave. Your task is to help them survive, teaching them to become farmers, builders, scientists, healers and, eventually, parents themselves. As with Virtual Villagers, The L…

Dream Day Wedding

Download and play Dream Day Wedding game A romantic seek-and-find adventure featuring beautiful graphics and unique puzzle games. Visit the florist, gown shop, bakery, and other shops to make Jenny's wedding day a dream! But be warned! The challenging Wedding Crisis levels are sure to throw you for a loop! Can you make Jenny`s Dream Day Wedding happen?

Magic Match: The Genie's Journey Tips & Tricks

Been playing Magic Match for a while, but you want to get perfect? Well, you'll need a lot of practice and traning. But to sure you know all the game tricks and secrects and to fight the Djinn's magic, which is crafty and tough - read our advices. We hope they are full enough.
Check out our Tips & Tricks for Magic Match: The Genie's Journey. The number of feathers in the peacock's tail shows how many moves you have left (More feathers mean more moves). If you're stuck and can't see any more matches to make, just wait for a while and a shimmering effect will guide you to a possible move. Create matches on the blue tiles to gain magic points used for casting spells. It's best not to use spells frivolously, because if you run out of moves AND spell points, your game is over. Use spells only when you have no choice and there are no more possible moves on the board. The coins and other bonuses you earn for matching five or more tiles do not carry over to …

Perfect diner dash 2 score.

One of our readers sent us his personal hiscore 241k / level 34 (web version, endless shift)  - Pretty good, Meleena! Send us your hiscores with game sceenshot and get famous! (don't trick, guys ;)Don't forget to check out our Diner Dash 2 Tips & Tricks to learn how to get perfect.What more info? Check out , , ,

Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children Preview (Virtual Villagers 2)

Right now, even as you read this, thousands of gamers from around the world are at their job or school -- yet they're daydreaming of little island castaways. No, they're not so concerned with the gang from Lost or Survivor. Instead, they've fallen for a lovable cast of characters fending for themselves on Isola, a fictitious island in the mega-popular casual game, Virtual Villagers. This runaway hit - which challenges you to micromanage the lives of these shipwrecked men, women and children -- has captured the hearts of many for its accessible yet addictive game-play, attractive graphics and soothing music. And so we hereare proud to unveil the next installment in this life simulation series: Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children game. Yep, you read it here first, folks. The talented folks at Last Day of Work Games has been hard at work on a sequel that doesn't mess with the tried-and-true formula that made Virtual Villagers a resounding success, but has added a handfu…