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Super Granny 4 - download game

We’ve been waiting for Super Granny 4 for so long, and now it’s better than ever!!!Super Granny 4 is faster and more complex that the other three. May be you think the old girl would slow down, but no--she jumps, runs and digs at a furious pace. If you like Super Granny - try Super Granny 4! Download this arcade game to enjoy new adventures.The full version of Super Granny 4 has following features:More than 160 fast-paced levelsAll-new side-by-side multiplayer mode2 new playable characters Easy-to-use level editor and exclusive user-created level packs.Super Granny comes back, and this time with her friends, Kamila and Margaret. Brave grannies will go to another adventure with you – you have to visit a lot of exotic places – from ancient tomb of Egypt to ice Alaska. In Super Granny 4 you set out to rescue grannies’ missing kitties in this all-new, globe-trotting adventure! Run, dig, climb and explore your way through more than 160 levels in 6 unique settings, play the all-new side-by-…

The Tuttles: Madcap Misadventures - download game

The Tuttles: Madcap Misadventures is a new casual arcade adventure game, in which an ordinary family embarks on a funny vacation to America. The Tuttles will strengthen family relations during the trip to Alamo full of exiting adventures, which will last for 40 Levels. Madcap Misadventures is an action game for people of all ages who are looking for something especial. The Tuttles: Madcap Misadventures was created by two famous Californian companies - Legacy Interactive and animation studio Animax Entertainment. Comic book style cut scenes brought to life by the fantastic voice-over talents of some Hollywood’s biggest names such as Jamie Lee Curtis (Barbara Tuttle),Bob Saget (Barry Tuttle), Ashley Tisdale (Jess Tuttle), Dominic Scott Kay (Zach Tuttle), Dave Thomas (The Australian) in the reels of the game. Beautifully detailed art, wonderfully silly situations, and 40 engaging levels of sidescrolling action add to the fun. Players are treated to animated. The Tuttles Madcap Misadventur…

Linkit - A Christmas Carol - download game

Enter the world of Linkit, a unique puzzle game set within a classic piece of literature from times gone by. Match and link items to move through ever more challenging levels while the story of Charles Dickens' masterpiece, A Christmas Carol, plays out around you. Experience a brand new matching technique using your mouse to clear each puzzle, and then sit back and enjoy Dicken's tale, told with beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds and characters.Linkit - A Christmas Carol puzzle game full version features:Unique levels to master.Lovingly hand-drawn characters.Specially composed music.Linkit - A Christmas Carol puzzle game screenshots:

Aquitania - download game

Go on an unforgettable trip to a forgotten time where the trees are taller and the animals are less shy, if only for a second, and anyone with the will to explore may approach its tricks and games. It takes more than courage to explore the mythical land of Aquitania. Upon entering, you will find a once idyllic world that has been troubled by a series of events both magical and mysterious. Can you help a heartbroken Princess?Aquitania puzzle game full version features:Gorgeous treasure to collect.Journey into the world of magic.Original bonuses and special effects.Aquitania puzzle game screenshots:

Home Sweet Home - download game

Learn about your clients to ensure you are designing the perfect room for their tastes. Choose the furniture, colors and patterns and place items around the room until the design is perfect! Direct your build team of workers to assemble it all in front of your eyes! With simple controls, a fun graphical style and an easy to use interface, Home Sweet Home allows the player to nurture their creative gaming experience. Remember, a house is not a home until it`s `Home Sweet Home`!Home Sweet Home action game full version features:Unlockable furnishings.Challenging client riddles.A personal design space!Home Sweet Home action game screenshots:

Mystery in London - download game

Your vacation to London turns into an investigation into one of its most notorious mysteries ever! Explore the city through 360-degree photographs of locations such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbeyeven the tailor shop where James Bond buys his shirts! Gather clues and challenge the locals to unearth the truth behind a murderous past.Mystery in London puzzle game full version features:Explore realistic levels.Solve notorious mystery.Master challenging mini-games.Mystery in London puzzle game screenshots:

Lost Treasures of El Dorado - download game

Journey across the world to help Professor Jack Foster search for his lost love. Alicia turned up missing after she made a significant archaeological find. Search for clues and discover lost treasures as you embark on this exciting jewel matching adventure. Lead Professor Foster through the New York Museum of Ancient History and the wild jungles of a South American Forest. Can you find Alicia and recover the Lost Treasures of El Dorado?Lost Treasures of El Dorado puzzle game full version features:Amazing archaeological locales.Relaxing mine-game.Breathtaking story!Lost Treasures of El Dorado puzzle game screenshots:

Babysitting Mania - download game

You finally passed your babysitting course and are ready to help your school raise money. To achieve your goal, you`ll have to work through some of the craziest houses. Babysitting Mania starts you off slow but soon you will have to face a barrage of kids, Birthday parties and huge houses to get in order all before bedtime! Get the kids to bed and the house clean before the parents come home. Are you the Ultimate Babysitter?Babysitting Mania action game full version features:Insane houses!Timeout and Bedtime features.Special Birthday Party levels.Babysitting Mania action game screenshots:

Aveyond 2 - download game

A beautiful young elf is missing, and no one remembers her existence. To solve the mystery of his lost friend, Ean leaves the vale and embarks on a mission that takes him through dark forests and arid desserts. Solve dozens of adventure puzzles and explore an enchanting world. Aveyond 2 is packed with monsters, magic, and humor. Stop an evil queen from turning the world into ice, capture a dragon and ride the winds to ancient lands, unite the kingdoms and discover your destiny.Aveyond 2 action game full version features:Fight monsters.Join magical guilds.Capture a dragon!Aveyond 2 action game screenshots:

Caribbean Riddle - download game

A young man must leave his beloved and embark on a Caribbean adventure! Join our hero as he sails from island to island, searching for treasure, matching and collecting various artifacts, and fighting evil pirates. Experience a highly realist underwater world with 3D fish! Play through unique Match 3 levels and mini-games. Help our hero discover that true love wins over everything!Caribbean Riddle puzzle game full version features:Custom game elements.Realistic underwater worldFight evil pirates!Caribbean Riddle puzzle game screenshots:

Santa's Super Friends - download game

Find out who Mr. Stink is and why he would steal all the toys right before Christmas. As you make your way from Candy Cane Cove to Santa`s Workshop, you`ll meet some Super Friends along the way like Gingerbread Jr. and Edmund the Elf. They`ll give you information about Mr. Stink to help you get the toys back! With 60 progressively harder levels of play, 3 skill levels to choose from and even your very own Christmas Tree ornaments to collect you'll be instantly hooked!Santa's Super Friends action game full version features:Fun, fast-paced levels.Collect tree ornaments.Great Christmas music.Santa's Super Friends action game screenshots:

Svetlograd - download game

You are the owner of the magnificent city of Svetlograd. Your rule is fair and your people are happy. Recently, however, evil imps have been ransacking your possessions and scaring your people! To eliminate the nasty monsters, you set up a cannon outside the city. Upgrade your cannon to make it more powerful, use an assortment of wild bonuses and find ancient treasures hidden throughout the levels. Become the hero of the magnificent city of Svetlograd!Svetlograd puzzle game full version features:Magical power-ups.Catapult upgrades.Discover ancient treasures!Svetlograd puzzle game screenshots:

Fairway Solitaire - download game

Pull out your clubs (and your diamonds, hearts and spades) and enjoy a round of Fairway Solitaire! This exciting new card game includes 70 unique courses in locations ranging from exotic forests to Scottish highlands. Choose your golfer and experience realistic golf commentary, hilarious wild shot cards, and three fun mini-games.Fairway Solitaire card game full version features:Buy clothing powerups!Enjoy great mini-games.Unique hole layouts.Fairway Solitaire card game screenshots: