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Download and Play - Chicken Chase


Download Chicken Chase for free 

So, what do you think came first - egg or the chicken? Well, you will not be worried with this question while playing the latest casual arcade game  - Chicken Chase.  

Consider it a "whack a mole"-like arcade with a  more story, depth and variety. Or, a game similar to PopCap's Insaniquarium, but with chickens and ravens, instead of fish and aliens.

Your  grandpa and grandma are having trouble taking care of  the farm - in fact, they're facing foreclosure. So you have to help them.  Your missions include hatching eggs, raising and selling chickens, staving off predators and buying tool and food upgrades to aid in your task. With a little elbow (er, make that chicken) grease, you can save the farm, make it look like new and put a little greenback into your grandparent's coveralls.

Here is some Chicken Chase tips and tricks:

The gameplay is looks like this: you see the chicken yard outside of the barn and a few chickens pecking around looking for food. Use your mouse to click somewhere on the ground, which sprinkles feed for the chickens to eat. While pecking, they drop coins, and you need to click on them to collect the cash value (and they lose value for each second they remain untouched). Small chicks grow into larger chicks over time, and they eventually will lay eggs for you to click on to redeem their value or you can click on the picture of the eggs at the top if the screen if you want those eggs to hatch into chicks - depending on what the mission goal is. For instance, if your goal is to raise $7000 in seven minutes, your priority might be to cash out, but if your goal is to raise 20 chickens to complete the level, you'll likely choose to hatch the eggs to reach your target number.

Eggs come in different colors, which offers different money values and hatches into five different kinds of chickens, such as roosters (in black eggs) that can help protect the roost when hatched and matured. Speaking of protection, while you're nurturing the livestock you must also keep ravens from flying in and snatching the chickens by clicking to shoot them in mid-air (think of the arcade classic Duck Hunt). Other hungry enemies show up later in the game. Chickens will also get sick and turn green, so you must click to heal them quickly or else they'll die.


Anonymous said…
Some tips on how to finish the final level would be great!

Cheers said…
Level 26 -- having to raise 15 blue and 15 red chickens...HELP!! The red gems kill the blue do you keep all 15 of both colors alive? anyone have any answers?
Anonymous said…
you dont, you use the money u obtained from the red chickens turning the blue chickens into red gems and you

buy the blue chickens, just keep buying them

any tips on how to finish the final level would be really be helpful! i got up to 964,000

didnt make it tho
Anonymous said…
can someone help me
i dont know how creat a red gems plz help me plz

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