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Hidden Relics help - tips, tricks and strategy guide

Get in trouble with Hidden Relics hidden object game? Here is some help for you. - tips and tricks.

First of all, go and get a fresh brand new version of game

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  • You have to complete the mini - games in order to have access to the gadgets. The gadgets are the devices that help you find the "Special Hidden Objects" that are located throughout the game. You can unlock the gadgets by getting "stars" that will you earn while playing the mini games. Each game that you complete successfully will earn you one star. Every chapter has a certain amounts of stars that you need in order to obtain specific gadgets. You can look on the counter that is in front of the professor to see how many stars you need in order to obtain one.
  • To make it easier to find the "Special Hidden Objects" pay attention to the bottom of the screen, where it says "collected gadgets", the gadget that you need for that location will always flash until you use it. If you know which gadgets will help you reveal certain objects it will make it easier for you to find them. "Special Hidden Objects" are not in every single location that you visit, that's why it's important to pay attention to the flashing gadgets at the bottom. We have a list towards the end of the guide that will give you specific examples of which gadgets will find certain objects.
  • You will sometimes see an object that you see in the "Special Hidden Objects" tab (like a soccer ball, a book or a statue etc.) out on the regular screen, you cannot click on it unless you see it with a gadget. The "Special Hidden Objects" are not visible to the naked eye, they can only be seen and picked up with one of the gadgets. If while you are using the gadgets you are unsure if what you are seeing is the object that you are looking for, take the gadget away from that spot for a moment so you can look and see what is really there.
  • The mini games can be played in any order that you want but there will come a point when you will have to play each game at least once. I would recommend that you leave for last the mini game that you think will be hardest for you to complete. The reason for that being is that each mini game gets harder as you go along so if you leave the hardest one for last, you will only have to complete lower levels of that game. You will no longer be able to play the mini games once all 5 gadgets have been found.
  • You will need to collect the gas cans in every scene if you want to go back and forth between locations, otherwise you will run out of gas and you will be unable to finish. You only have enough gas to to visit each location once. You'll have to find the gas cans in each location if you to travel more than needed.
  • There are certain amount of hints that you start with at the beginning of each level, you can earn more hints by locating the tiny magnifying glasses in each location. There is one tiny magnifying glass for each location and they can be used at any of the locations you visit within that chapter. Your hints can be used at all times throughout the game except when you are in the mini games area.
  • If you click too rapidly, you'll receive a time penalty of approximately 30 seconds each time. The only way you'll get penalized is if you click a lot of incorrect items at a fast rate. Some items are very well hidden so you may need to click around if you're out of hints but just make sure you do it slowly.
  • Click on an item on the list that is located on the right side to get a detailed description of what you are looking for. The items are usually facing the same position that you see in the picture and are the same color. The advantage of doing this is that it makes it easier for you to identify certain objects because they provide you with pictures of what you are looking for.
  • If there are 2 of the same objects to be found (like bottles etc.) clicking the name of the item on the list will show you a picture of what you are looking for. Once you find the first item, you can go back to the list and click on the list where it says bottles and a different picture of a bottle will appear. Some of the items are hard to look for because of the variety of shapes and sizes one item can have so clicking on the list can be very helpful.
  • There will be times when you visit a particular scene and they ask you to find 2 books and you find them with no problem. You can go back to the same location and they ask for 2 books again but this time when you click on it, nothing happens. That is because they are asking you to find a different set of books, this is where clicking on the list becomes very useful. It will help you by showing you which books you need at that time.

There are several bonus challenges that pop up at any given time during the game. Here is a brief description of each one.

Scavenger Hunt - Click ten locations in the scene where the pictures to the right of the screen were taken. You basically have to identify smaller pieces of the whole picture that you see on the left. Click on the spots that you think coincide with the 10 tiny pictures on the right.

Speed Search - You have to search for items in a specific order, the items show up one at a time. Each item found will reveal the next. As you see the items on the list get lower and lower you will know that you're almost at the end of the search. You can still click on each word to see a description and if you have any hints left you can use them as well.

Spot the differences - Search for ten differences between the picture on the left and right.

Mastermind Memory - Memory Match Puzzles - Click on the cards to reveal their symbols, and make matches. You only have so many card flips allowed, but each pair found awards you more flips.

Spin and Drop - Click on a portion of the image to rotate it. Put the whole image in order before the clock runs out. This game is not hard to do but time is very limited so the only way to get through it is to do it very fast or else time will run out on you. Start by spinning the ones that are easiest to identify their correct positions (like buildings etc.) and then work around doing everything else. If you see a thin black line around the edges of one of the squares that means that something was not placed correctly.

The Great Jigsaw - (jigsaw puzzle)Click and drag to move pieces around. Drop 2 pieces that fit together and they will automatically snap together. Assemble the entire picture to win.

The Slideshow - (Slider Puzzle) Click on tiles to slide them over into the empty space and put the entire picture in order. When the picture is pieced back together, the empty space will always end up in the upper - left corner. This one an be difficult at times, if the particular puzzle you are working on at the time is too difficult, click on "quit" or "leave the game" and restart it, you may end up getting a puzzle that will be easier to solve.

Tower of Hanoi - You have to move all the disks from one peg to another. You can only move one disk at a time, and can only place a disk on a larger disk.


Magnifier Goggles
magnifier.jpg pendant.jpg sapphire.jpg
The magnifier goggles are used for examining fine metalwork for useful details. I used it a lot to help me find regular items since it made it easier to find things in general. You just will not be able to click on regular items when you use it, the goggles will just go back into inventory and then you can go back and click on the items(s) that you found. This gadget is good for locating the following items and more:

  • Ancient Text
  • Equestrian Crest
  • Exquisite Earring
  • Fleur de Lis
  • Golden Boot
  • Jeweled Crown
  • Jeweled Ring
  • Magnificent Medal
  • Pearl Pendant
  • Precious Pendant
  • Purple Pendant
  • Sapphire Stone
  • War Crest

    X-Ray Goggles
    liquidgold.jpg treasurechest.jpg warcrest.jpg
    The device sees inside tiny containers and hidden compartments. This gadget is good for locating the following items and more:

  • Dragon Statues
  • Empire Horse
  • Liquid Gold
  • Mini Armor
  • Ornate Tea Pot
  • Pocket Locket
  • Siamese Statue
  • Treasure Chest

    Sonar Visualizer
    earring.jpg microphone.jpg trumpet.jpg
    Its sound waves resonate with musical instruments and devices. This gadget is good for locating the following items:

  • Ancient Harp
  • Ancient Instrument
  • Diva Earring
  • Golden Microphone
  • Golden Trumpet
  • Diva Earring
  • War Bugle
  • War Trumpet

    Ultra Violet Light
    champball.jpg glove.jpg prizebill.jpg
    It can find fingerprints and signatures on all kinds of things. This gadget is good for locating the following items

  • Champion Basketball
  • Champion Glove Ball
  • Collector's Prize Bill
  • Relic Ring
  • Serpent Circle
  • Signed Champ Ball

    Diamond Detector
    giantdiamond.jpg giraffe.jpg maracas.jpg
    Designed specifically for locating diamonds. This gadget is good for locating the following items and more:

  • Diamond Giraffe
  • Diamond Pendant
  • Gem Filled Maracas
  • Giant Diamond
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