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Diner Dash: Hometown Hero - download game

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4.5 - Four and a Half Stars 
On a visit to her hometown, Flo and her Grandma Florence take a stroll down memory lane. Bring five restaurants back to life, and meet new customers like the Hungry Man and the Celebrity. Take special care of customers with reservations and place flowers at tables in order to make diners happier. Stuck with a 4-person group and no 4-person tables? Now you can move tables together to create a larger table. Help restore Flo`s hometown now!
Diner Dash: Hometown Hero action game full version features:
  • New Reservations feature.
  • New Moving Tables feature.
  • `Train` new waiters.

Diner Dash: Hometown Hero action game screenshots:

screen1 screen2 screen2a

Read Diner Dash Gamer's Reviews:

  • "Definitely THE best of the Diner Dash series! Work in a variety of restaurants, each with its own challenges, while struggling to restore Flo's beloved hometown! Online multiplayer games, personalized restaurants, dress your waiter/waitress and many more new additions to this incredibly popular game series make Hometown Hero the cream of the crop! My new fav game!" - Heather89 DFW, Texas
  • I really like this game because you can create the diner and the character you want!! It's also good because you get all the levels free for as long as you want! It's awsome// - Nards 07
  • This is the Best game ever!! I have always loved Diner Dash, but this game is better that all the rest. You can created your own diner to play endless shift in and you can create your own waiter. The first resturant that you play in is the local zoo. You even play agginst a new waiter that will take over once you have left. I think that this game is better that the other Diner Dashes. - Heather4796, Dearborn MI


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