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Cradle of Rome Tips & Tricks

Cradle of Rome can be a tough game once you pass the halfway point. So, here are a few tips to help with your resource-matching, city-building attempts.

  • Three tiles will get you a match, but four or more will earn extra resources.
  • In order to make it to Olympus before the game ends, you need to work quickly to build Rome so don't dawdle. Finish each level as quickly as possible.
  • In general, start making matches at the bottom of the screen first. As you create combos below, others will be generated above without extra effort on your part.
  • On levels with chains, try to create matches that break the chains first. Then move on to other combos.
  • Use bonuses as soon as they're replenished. Otherwise, you loose the benefit of additional matches.
  • If you're near the end of a level and you have time, fill up available bonuses before completing the last match. Then you can use that bonus on the next level if needed.

    Sometimes tips are not enough. In those cases, tricks come into play.

  • Here are a few to employ if you "really" need to cheat a bit. In the Cradle of Rome directory you'll find a file named Profiles.xml that you can edit. Make a copy of it before making any changes so you have a backup. Now, open Profiles.xml with Notepad. Find the line near the top where it says where "NAME" equals your user name ("<" and ">" begin and end each line of code). On the second line below this make the following changes. Please note that I'm using -- and -- to set off the text to be changed.

  • The text -- Last life="X" -- ("X" equals the current number of extra lives) can be changed to increase or decrease your available lives. Want 10 extra lives? Change it to read -- Last life="10" -- to make the increase.
  • The text -- level="XX" -- ("XX" equals the level you previously completed) can be changed to get past a particularly difficult level. So, if level 61 is giving you fits, change the text to read -- level="61" -- and when you restart the game, you'll be on level 62.

    If you still didn't get Cradle of Rome game, Download it now:
    Download the Free Trial!

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    Anonymous said…
    Can anyone tell me what the trick is to getting past level 63? I just can't seem to do it and use all my weapons trying to so even if I beat the level I would have nothing left. There has to be a way - if you know, please tell me
    Anonymous said…
    Can anyone tell me what the trick is to getting past level 63? I just can't seem to do it and use all my weapons trying to so even if I beat the level I would have nothing left. There has to be a way - if you know, please tell me

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