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Virtual Villagers the lost children - Stew list

Hi, guys. Sometimes, my readers leave very useful tips and tricks in comments. Today we publish STEW LIST for Virtual Villagers the lost children. Im really are not deeply into this game, so I'm wondering what are that numbers? Who knows, are they useful?

  • There is no matter in the order in which the food/water/or herbs are added.
  • A-emits a rainbow, clears the nose and throat with its spiciness 123, 234
  • B- no emission, makes the villagers dance with a burst of energy 156
  • C-emits white dots, makes the villagers feel healthier 456
  • D-emits green smoke and is inedible  114, 246, 245, 345, 145, 134, 146, 346
  • E-has no emission, makes the villagers thirsty  124, 224
  • F-has no emission, makes the villagers pee  125
  • G-emits white dots, makes the villagers horny if the opposite sex is nearby 665
  • H-has no emission, makes the villagers healthier 223, 225, 111, 112, 113, 116, 126, 221, 256, 136, 235, 236
  • I-no emission, very spicy 135, 115
  • J-emits white dots and gives off a sweet smell 356
  • K-gives off white stars, and allows the villagers to go without breathing for a while 664
  • L-no emission, makes the villagers jumpy due to being allergic to the stew 222, 226

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Darius Young said…
This is definately a great game download to play to pass the time. Thanks for the tricks!
Anonymous said…
I'm sure the numbers refer to the different combinations of herbs, numbering clockwise from the top left or something.
Anonymous said…
Yes, the numbers are the herb combinations. There are 6 plants from top to bottom, going clockwise through the map. 1 is the plant at the top of the screen (about 11:00 on analog clock). Each stew needs 3 herbs, so each number represents one herb.
Hope this helps!!
Zheke said…
Thanks a lot for help! Your comments was a reason for me to return back to this game and replaying it again :)
Anonymous said…
yes they are herbs numbered clockwise from the top, i just bouhgt the 2nd villagers and im still discovering the puzzles, it definatly passes the time , its kept me away from diablo 2 lol

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