Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Magic Academy game

Magic Academy game(free trial)


Its a new game from the creators of the Misteryville game!

This time you will solve the mystery of your sister disappearing while studying at The Magic Academy. Your investigetion you will start right after your entering the Highest School of Magic. With the help of your tutors; you’ll learn to remove protective spells, see invisible objects and look into the future. You will also meet ghosts, discover ancient spells and find the magic artifacts. If you overcome all your challenges, you’ll solve the mystery of the Magic Academy.

From the beginning of the story you will meet  many characters - among them - grandmaster Kerridan, Melamory, professor Merrouse - the great alchemist. Its no sense to count them all, you better find them by yourself while playing.

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 Magic Academy full version features:

  • A magic detective story.
  • Beautiful scenes and music.
  • A magic and mysterious atmosphere.

Magic Academy screenshots:

Magic Academy game(free trial)

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