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Download Hidden Expedition: Titanic puzzle


Download Hidden Expedition Titanic free trial


Your job as a member of  Hidden Expedition Adventure League, is to explore the wreckage of the majestic Titanic and digg for antique artifacts for the Titanic Museum. Scour 17 locations for cleverly-hidden clues that will lead you to the ultimate artifact: The Crown Jewels. Get ready to lose yourself in a historic adventure of epic proportions!

Hidden Expedition: Titanic is an awesome game with something for gamers of all skill levels. The graphics are high quality and the game is never the same twice. Although Hidden Expedition Titanic was produced by the same team who made the mega hit Mystery Case Files series it isn't just another Mystery Case File under another name. This time your not a detective solving crimes and looking for clues, you are a treasure hunter sent to investigate the wreckage of the infamous sunken ocean liner, the Titanic. You are given a list of hidden artifacts and have to move from room to room to find them before your oxygen runs out. For all of you who loved the Mystery Case Files games (and who didn't?), Hidden Expedition Titanic will have you immersed in hours and hours of gaming fun!

We also include some Hidden Expedition Titanic tips and tricks

  • Don't waste too much air in the first room looking for objects. Move on our you'll be left gasping for air in the last room. You will also be penalized 10 seconds of air for clicking on items that aren't on your list. And if you ask for hints to reveal the location of a hard to find object that will cost you two minutes of air for each one. So think carefully before you ask.
  • Often objects of a certain color are hidden and blended into the background or near items of the same color
  • Many of the items in this deep sea search are hidden partially off screen. So, be sure to check around the edges of the room (especially the left side). Also, pay attention to objects that you can see outside the windows. They are often things you need to collect!
  • Watch out for wordplay tricks on your list. Asked to find a "dollar" it could be a sand dollar or it could be cash. A "spade" could be a shovel or a playing card and "pennies" could be a rolled stack of pennies or a pile of coins. Each wrong click costs you precious seconds of air.

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