Thursday, March 13, 2008

Escape the Museum - download game

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Escape the Museum is an utterly fascinating new adventure/hidden object game!

You play as Susan Anderson, a museum curator showing her daughter Caitlin a dinosaur exhibit when a fierce earthquake rocks the building. Falling debris knocks Susan unconscious, and when she wakes she discovers she's trapped in the room and Caitlin is missing! Find the objects you'll need to find the exit, then recover precious museum artifacts as you work your way through the rubble searching for your daughter.

Susan is in contact with several co-workers who provide hints via cell phone, telling her which items she'll need to make a path to the exit. These usually consist of simple assembly puzzles that require you to locate items or item components and use them in the appropriate area to continue.

Escape the Museum a surprisingly long game, nearly twice the length of similar titles!

Start for an excellent expedition in a new adventure game!

Game features:
• Incredible adventure to solve
• 25 Puzzles to solve
• Mini Games
• 60 Hidden Object levels
• Unlock the Antique Round

Escape the Museum puzzle game screenshots:

screen1 screen2

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