Saturday, March 08, 2008

Animal Agents - download game

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Animal Agents is a fun and engaging object game with a decent story. One morning when Sarah went to feed her rabbit Fridolin she discovered to her horror that he had disappeared. Fridolin is the latest in a long line of pets to go mysteriously missing. 

You take on the role of investigators that specialize in finding lost pets.  In Animal Agents you have an opportunity to play as either Anna or Justin and explore the story from two different points of view. Solve the dark secret and discover a spiteful plot behind the missing animals around the neighborhood in this great Hidden Object game.

There is a fashionable feature in this game - you should find out the objects listening their sounds. You'll enjoy the unexpectedness of the items, great graphics and general atmosphere of the game. 

Best of luck and have fun!

Animal Agents puzzle game full version features:
  • Exciting detective story.
  • Mysterious locations.
  • Animal friendly fun!

Animal Agents puzzle game screenshots:

screen1 screen2

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