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Emerald Tale puzzle game - free trial download

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Let me introduce Emerald Tale puzzle game - a cute and charming 3-in-a-row puzzler from Enkord, can best be described as Bejeweled meets Car Jam, borrowing from both of these game types to create a brand new interactive experience.

Match three magic objects and clear the play field from the enchanted tiles. At your disposal there will be swords, Tibetan coins, lanterns, scrolls, and other sacred relics. But be quick as the wick is burning and if it reaches the powder keg, your time is up.

In order to make your way throughout these many environments, you need to complete more than 110 levels, each with a unique layout. You see your character on the screen, and a glowing portal you need to reach to advance a stage -- but between you and the magical gateway are a handful of rocks, trees and runes. It's your job to pair up the runes so that at least three of the same colored ones are touching, causing them to disappear; you do this by clicking on a rune that is, say, yellow, and then clicking where you'd like it to be moved to, presumably beside or between two or more adjacent yellow runes (or a rainbow rune which can be used as any color).

In some cases you need to clear a path to reach additional runes, while in other cases you need to clear a path through rock and rubble, which can be destroyed by making a match of runes beside the area you need destroyed. Create a match of at least five runes and you'll also destroy all budding runes about to grow on the level.

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Emerald Tale puzzle game full version features:

    • More than 50 levels.
    • Many unique power-ups.
    • Beautiful backgrounds!

Emerald Tale puzzle game screenshots:

emerald_tale_review_col2 emerald_tale_review_col3 emerald_tale_review_col12

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