Friday, July 06, 2007

Azada - great puzzle release

Our Score: 4.5 - Four and a Half Stars  

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Here we go! Another great puzzle release from BigFishGames studio.

Sick of all those 3-in-a-row clones? Restaurant management sims? Seek-and-find mystery games?

You're not alone.

Thankfully, there are fresh new games like Azada to keep the casual game genre from imploding.

In this adventure game, you awaken in a locked room to find a trapped spirit, Titus, who was magically imprisoned by his great uncle. By solving series of mind-bending puzzles you can break this spell and uncover the secret written in the missing pages of an enchanted book. The start of this game feels a bit like the classic point-and-click adventure, Myst, but in Azada the puzzles are all contained within the same room you find them (rather than walking around a larger world -- and time traveling, too).

Like a dangling carrot, more of the story is revealed as you work your way through five increasingly challenging stages (Chapters), each with eight levels (Pages) or so.


The puzzles vary greatly from location to location, but here are some examples:

You'll be asked to find four items in an environment -- such as tape, flashlight, batteries and a hammer - so you must begin to open drawers and cupboards to find the items, or use the ones you already found to locate the rest. For example, you could use the flashlight to hunt in the dark for the hammer, and then use the hammer to break open a vase, which has a key inside to open a locked drawer, which has the batteries in it. The batteries can then be used inside the TV remote but until you open up the floorboard and use the tape to fix the wires, the television can't be turned on. Turn on the TV and you'll be rewarded with a page towards the book. These types of puzzles are the most common in this game.

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Azada puzzle game full version features:

  • Find hidden clues to unlock levels.
  • Dozens of unique puzzles to solve!
  • Some surprises in this adventure game!

Azada puzzle game screenshots:

azada-1 azada-2-t azada_review_col3

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