Monday, July 16, 2007

Hide and Secret

Hide and Secret is completely addicting hidden object puzzle game. In Hide and Secret you will travel to 30 locations across the globe to rescue the Treasures of the Ages and defeat Jacques and his henchman Toadie! Download Hide & Secret Game (free trial)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Plumeboom: The First Chapter -Save Orniland from evil.

Our Score: 3-5stars

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Interesting combination of ball-thrower and Zuma. 

Evil villians, Crowbeak and Cornix, have taken over the peaceful town of Orniland. The villians have developed a delicious potion that will turn even the nicest person into a Warrior of Darkness. The only hope to restore its tranquility is to send the hero Plumeboom in to save the day. Help Plumeboom destroy the jugs of evil potion and rid the village of evil. Download Plumeboom: The First Chapter and start playing now.

Plumeboom: The First Chapter game full version features:

  • Over 200 levels to solve.
  • Select different wardrobes.
  • Use coins to buy power-ups.

Plumeboom: The First Chapter game screenshots:

 plumeboom-1 plumeboom-2

Friday, July 13, 2007

Azada puzzle Tips & Tricks.

Did you guys enjoy great Azada puzzle we published a week ago? For those who still didn't tried this close to unique game, we present some puzzle tips and tricks made by Gamezebo, to make life easier.

So, here we go.

Your mission in Azada, a new game from Big Fish Studios, is to free Titus, who has been trapped in a haunted room and bound by magical spells. To free Titus you must solve a series of puzzles, look for hidden clues and fill in the missing pages of the enchanted book.

First of all, if you still didn't get the free trial, do it right now:

Download the Free Trial!


Then read on to get solutions to the major puzzles chapter by chapter, followed by hints for most of the smaller puzzles.


Here are some general tips first:

  • Save your magic orbs for puzzles that you really want to skip, they are hard to come by and you will probably wish that you had saved them for later
  • If you get stuck on a puzzle, you can click on the book icon and go to another page and finish the easiest ones first and come back to the more difficult ones.
  • Read the instructions carefully even though it may be a game that you already played the rules may have changed. For example on the "pawns" game you are asked at first to end up with 4 pawns and later on it asks you to end up with only 2.
  • You can go back and play any completed mini game, by going back to the parlor.


  • Matchbox-on top of desk( left side)
  • Match- wastebasket on the floor
  • Paper-underneath desk
  • Key- inside the box above the desk
    1. Take the match and strike it across the matchbox
    2. Take the lit match and click it onto the paper, the paper will reveal a time
    3. Click on the clock that's on the wall
    4. Turn the hands of the clock to the same time that is written on the paper
    5. Red secret box comes out
    6. Click the key on the red box and grab the glowing scroll
    Click on the following items:
  • Locker
  • Yellow tape :paint can on the 2nd shelf
  • Hammer-red box
  • Flashlight-2nd shelf
    1. Use the flashlight in the darkened room to locate the light switch
    2. Light is right next to the door, click on it
    3. Take the hammer and hit the vase that's close to the door and the key will appear inside of it.
    4. Click on the locker and then click the key onto it, when the door opens the batteries are inside.
    5. Click on the remote control that is on the chair and insert the batteries.
    6. Use hammer to click on the loose floorboard that is between the two chairs and some wires will appear, use the yellow tape on the wires
    7. Hit the remote control and the TV will come on and produce the scroll
  • Bobby pin-inside of bathtub
  • Red handle-pipe by the door
  • Pipe-same location as the red handle
    1. Click on the outside of the bathtub and it will show a locked grate
    2. Click the bobby pin on the grate and it will open
    3. Place the red handle inside the grate on the pipes
    4. Place the pipes on the correct location inside the grate
    5. Turn the red handle, it will turn on the faucet in the sink and there will be 2 symbols on the foggy mirror
    6. Press the wooden chest that is on the side of the bathtub and you will see some symbols appear.
    7. Press the symbols that you see on the mirror in the order in which they appear and the scroll will appear.
  • Radio button- is in the pot that is on the stove
  • Small blowtorch on the counter
  • Small propane tank-drawer
  • Click on the radio and put the knob back on.
    1. Open the fridge and it contains a frozen box inside
    2. You have to click the propane tank and the blowtorch together and they blowtorch will turn on
    3. Press the lit blowtorch onto the box that is in the fridge and you will see a date appear. If you see a number 18 appear, you have to go to the calendar on the wall and keep clicking until you find the date May 18. Look at the radio station number that corresponds with that date and then click the radio and tune it to that station and the scroll will appear.
  • Chalk-on the blackboard
  • Click the chalk onto the blackboard and a number will appear
  • Screwdriver-left side of the cabinet
  • Microscope-on the desk
  • Tap on the computer and place the screwdriver on it and a circuit board appears
  • Paper clip-bottom right desk drawer
  • Place the paper clip on the computers circuit board
  • Keypad will appear, type the number that is
    on the chalkboard
  • Grab the lens that is on the top shelf of the cabinet
  • Click the lens onto the microscope
  • Click the top left corner and the scroll will appear
  • Click on the box with the rope around it
  • Movie projector-right side of the screen
  • Clock-right side of projector
  • Lighter-in front of projector
  • Click on the side of the projector and a candle will appear
  • Take the lighter and burn the rope that is on the box
  • Pick up the lens and paper that is inside
  • Attach the lens to the projector
  • Place the paper in front of projector and an image
    will appear on the wall
  • Press the 3 arrows on the wall to reveal the scroll
  • Yellow gun-on counter
  • Take the yellow gun and press it against the window to wash it and it will reveal a number
  • Click on the cabinet that is next to the doll a numeric keypad will appear. Type in the number that was on the window
  • Click on the red box and grab the piece of the railroad track
  • Click on the train that is by the window sill and place the the track and the train there and push the red button.
  • Take the key and unlock the cash register to receive the scroll


  • Pick up the jars that are on the cabinet and place them in inventory, make sure you match the labels on the jars accordingly. Only three jars go in inventory
  • Click on the boiling pot
  • Click on the crystal ball
  • Voodoo doll-left side of the wall
  • Click on the window
  • Penny-by the stove
    1. Click the penny on the crystal ball and 3 alternating symbols will appear
    2. Drop the jars in the order in which they appear in the crystal ball into the boiling pot (a page will appear on the table)
    3. Place the page on the boiling pot and a voodoo doll appears, the voodoo doll will highlight certain parts
    4. Click on the false teeth ( they are over by the edge of the cabinet) and the pin cushions will appear
    5.Take the highest needle in the bunch and click it into the voodoo doll
  • You must click the voodoo doll that's on the wall in the same place that are highlighted on the voodoo doll that is over the boiling pot
  • You will know that it's correct when you see a glimmer each time you hit the right spots. You should have to do it 3 different times Scroll will appear
  • Telescope-left side of the counter
  • Flashlight-left side of the counter
  • Mug-right side of the counter
  • Click under the cabinet and a numeric keypad will appear
  • Click on the drain that is on the far right side
  • Put the mug on the drain and a ticket with a number will appear
  • Enter the number that appears on the numeric keypad
  • A book will appear that has a Morse code written on it
  • Look for the control panel that is on the left side of the counter and reproduce the Morse code that appeared in the book . For example, if you see one solid square and then 2 smaller lines followed by another solid square you need to input it in the following manner:
    a) hold down the large black button-a dark square should appear
    b) hold down the small green button to make the small line appear
    c) hold down the green button again
    d) hold down the black button again and the radar will appear
  • Press on the steering wheel of the boat and you will see a handle appear on the right side of it, press on the handle to make the engine turn on.
  • Start turning the wheel as to move the bearing as specified in
    the instructions and a boat will appear by the window
  • grab the telescope and click it onto the boat outside scroll will appear

    Read the rest at Gamezebo
  • Risk game - Attack. Defend. Dominate the world!

    Our Score: 3-5stars

    Download the Free Trial!


    Are you having nostalgic memories of sitting with your friends and having fun playing good old "world domination"? For those who still remember this golden days,  -Risk game - a brand new "casual" version from iWin is a new and faithful reproduction worth downloading.

    Start your game with giving your General a name, and then choose at least two other computer-controlled generals (or human players on he same computer), each with varying levels of A.I. aggression.

    Then you can choose from one of two game types: Territory Claim, where you can claim your own territory (like the classic board game) or Random Deal where you can let the computer assign territories to each player.

    Confused? OK, let's step back and explain how the actual game plays out. In the main game rules (Territory Claim), players are presented with a map of the world, with all major countries divided into 42 territories, such as East United States and West United States as two examples. Players first distribute their limited armies to a bunch of territories as you wish, which is where some of the strategy comes in (should you spread out your troops or cluster them all over one or two main continents?). After the other Generals do the same thing, you can then distribute more than 20 reinforcements, so now you've got three or four sets of armies in some territories.

    The game is all about taking over the world and the way it's done is that you choose which country you want to attack. The caveat is that you need at least two groups of armies and the defending territory must be adjoined to the attacking one. The game is played by rolling the dice against the opponent and whoever has the highest number (say, 6 instead of 3), wins. You can increase the number of rolls by having many groups of armies there, so you'd get four dice to roll for four groups instead of only two dice for two groups. If you win, you take over their territory. You get extra reinforcements to disperse if you take over an entire continent and can also receive bonus cards to play out when you need them (such as territory cards divided into cavalry, infantry and artillery).

    Download the Risk game Free Trial!


    Risk game full version features:

    • Up to 6 players can play!
    • Captivating voiceovers.
    • All new graphics and music.

    Risk game screenshots:

    risk_review_col2 risk_review_col3

    Saturday, July 07, 2007

    Miss Management Review

    Our Score:  4.5%20-%20Four%20and%20a%20Half%20Stars

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    Just imagine if you took every irritating office stereotype - the outrageous flirt, the nit-picking suck-up, the anti-social computer geek, the stressed out numbers guy, the incompetent middle manager - then took every irritating office behavior - gossiping, slacking off, cooking smelly foods in the microwave, hogging the bathroom, bullying - and mashed them all together. That, in a nutshell, is Miss Management. Oh, and did we mention that it's your job to actually squeeze some productivity out of this mess?

    Get ready to manage a team of zany animated coworkers as you step into the shoes of Denise, a young and beleagured first-time office manager. You'll have to juggle incoming work tasks, keep everyone from getting stressed out, and help the coworkers achieve their goals, from flirting at the watercooler to getting more work done than anyone else! Office politics was never as hilarious as this! From the designers of Diner Dash.

    Miss Management game full version features:

    • 11 zany coworkers.
    • Over 40 animated scenes.
    • Buy dozens of power-ups.

    Miss Management game screenshots:

    miss_management_review_col3 miss_management_review_col4

    Friday, July 06, 2007

    The Stone of Destiny

    Our Score: 5 - Five Stars

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    Big-Big Release is coming out!

    Search the world for a list of hidden objects you found in your missing uncles book to awaken the Stone of Destiny!

    Our beloved uncle has vanished without a trace. The only clues are a mysterious book, a map, and a list of objects. What does it all mean? Follow the clues by finding hidden objects in The Stone of Destiny, a gorgeous hidden object game. As you find objects and follow your uncle's footsteps you'll work towards the mystery of the stone. Unlock the Stone of Destiny and unravel the discover what happened to your uncle! Your destiny awaits!

    The Stone of Destiny game full version features:

    • Unique rune-drawing special levels.
    • Mini-games to keep things fresh.
    • Play over 25 gorgeous levels.

    The Stone of Destiny game screenshots:

    the-stone-of-destiny-1 the-stone-of-destiny-2-t

    Azada - great puzzle release

    Our Score: 4.5 - Four and a Half Stars  

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    Here we go! Another great puzzle release from BigFishGames studio.

    Sick of all those 3-in-a-row clones? Restaurant management sims? Seek-and-find mystery games?

    You're not alone.

    Thankfully, there are fresh new games like Azada to keep the casual game genre from imploding.

    In this adventure game, you awaken in a locked room to find a trapped spirit, Titus, who was magically imprisoned by his great uncle. By solving series of mind-bending puzzles you can break this spell and uncover the secret written in the missing pages of an enchanted book. The start of this game feels a bit like the classic point-and-click adventure, Myst, but in Azada the puzzles are all contained within the same room you find them (rather than walking around a larger world -- and time traveling, too).

    Like a dangling carrot, more of the story is revealed as you work your way through five increasingly challenging stages (Chapters), each with eight levels (Pages) or so.


    The puzzles vary greatly from location to location, but here are some examples:

    You'll be asked to find four items in an environment -- such as tape, flashlight, batteries and a hammer - so you must begin to open drawers and cupboards to find the items, or use the ones you already found to locate the rest. For example, you could use the flashlight to hunt in the dark for the hammer, and then use the hammer to break open a vase, which has a key inside to open a locked drawer, which has the batteries in it. The batteries can then be used inside the TV remote but until you open up the floorboard and use the tape to fix the wires, the television can't be turned on. Turn on the TV and you'll be rewarded with a page towards the book. These types of puzzles are the most common in this game.

    Download the Free Trial!

    Azada puzzle game full version features:

    • Find hidden clues to unlock levels.
    • Dozens of unique puzzles to solve!
    • Some surprises in this adventure game!

    Azada puzzle game screenshots:

    azada-1 azada-2-t azada_review_col3