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Hidden Expedition: Everest game (free trial download)

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Pros: A highly polished seek-and-find game. Power-ups, hidden treasures and story add to the fun. Great graphics. Cons: Annoying download manager is required. Download the Free Trial!

Have any plans this summer? How about joining a race to see who can be first to reach the summit of Everest?

I can assure you, daring gamers, this will be no easy feat. You see, I already know this to be true because Gamezebo was granted some serious hands-on time with Hidden Expedition: Everest from Big Fish Games, the latest seek-and-find puzzler with a great story, impressive graphics and many bonus levels and secrets to be found.

While it's not without its minor stumbles, this adventurous casual game reaches new heights for the genre.

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As a member of the Hidden Expedition Club, you've decided to compete against three other teams - The Scholars, the Scarlet Hat League and The Gamers - to see which group can reach the top of Mt. Everest, the highest mountain on the planet.

Fresh from a successful exploration of the wreck of the Titanic, the Hidden Expedition Club will pit one of its stellar members against a formidable group of opponents in a race to the summit of Everest. Other groups will battle you to be the first to summit Mount Everest. Expert Everest climber Ed Viesturs will assist you along the way. Explore mysteries of the world as you find hidden clues. Race to the Roof of the World! Get more info on hidden expedition everest at Totemgames.

Download the Free Trial!

Hidden Expedition: Everest game full version features:

  • Over 30 stunningly beautiful scenes from around the world
  • 4 Character mini-games
  • Ed Viesturs' exclusive footage of the world's most dangerous summits
  • Race around the world to reach Everest

    Hidden Expedition: Everest game screenshots:

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