Monday, March 12, 2007

Turtle Odyssey 2 game Review

Turtle Odyssey 2

So guys... Brave little turtle Ozzy is back in a new sequel of well-known action game - Turtle Odyssey 2! Its one of the best sequels of guys from Realore Studios.

Turtle Odyssey 2 free trial Download

Turtle Odyssey 2 game is filled with magic atmosphere and thrilling underwater adventures. Brave and kind turtle Ozzy starts the journey with an innocent game of catch. Ozzy accidentally smacks into a slab of ice, cracking it and letting a mysterious creature go free from his icy prison. Ozzy will follow his footsteps and begin his amazing journey of a lifetime.

There are 50 levels featured across six unique worlds, Turtle Odyssey 2 is a delightful diversion full of excitement, magic, and wonder.

Turtle Odyssey 2 screenshots:

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Anyway, you can get your free trial version of the game and enjoy thrilling action for about one hour.

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Anonymous said...

Ik kan niet alle secrets vinden in level 2 het derde deel.
waar zit die?

Anonymous said...

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