Sunday, March 18, 2007

Frost Bite online game

Frost Bite is a colorful new platforming adventure game from Nitrome, the talented creators of Scribble, Hot Air and many others. So, your goals is to climb to the top of each stage, fending off monsters and collecting bonus items along the way. The most exiting part is that you get a grappling gun you can use to latch onto platforms and swing yourself upwards. The gun doubles as a harpoon to attack enemies and gather items, making its use a central element in the game.

A colorful and great looking game, exactly what we've come to expect from Nitrome. While it's easy enough to pick up and play, Frost Bite's control scheme feels a little awkward at times. When walking, your character always faces the cursor, so half the time you're facing backwards. It doesn't affect the gameplay, it just feels strange. It also feels limiting not to be able to fire the grappling gun downwards.

Regardless of the small control inconveniences, Frost Bite is a fulfilling action game continuing Nitrome's tradition of good looking games.

Play free online Frost Bite game.


Anonymous said...

Fun game, nice graphics and music, I just loved it!

Anonymous said...

Playing this game reminds me of Mario+Bionic Commando (you know you remember this game!!!) with a Neo Geo feel. The game play is a little slow, but then again, I only played until the 3rd level. Does it get faster? In all this was a great flash game, kind of a blast from the past.