Saturday, March 15, 2008

Can You See What I See? - download game

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In Can You See What I See?, we meet poor Clyde Curfuffle, proprietor of Curfuffle`s Collectibles. He`s suffered a fire, a flood, and a nasty fall that`s put him in the hospital. The string of bad luck events just won`t stop, and he needs your help to save his collectibles shop! One of his favorite collectibles may sell for a lot of money, but you have to find out which one! Seymour will help you fill orders, find rare items and solve the secret code to unravel the mystery.

Can You See What I See? puzzle game full version features:
  • Zoom in on details.
  • Cleverly hidden objects.
  • Charming characters.

Can You See What I See? puzzle game screenshots:

screen1 screen2

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