Friday, January 26, 2007

Virtual Villagers - Tips & Tricks

Virtual Villagers is hottest simulation game since . . . The Sims! Well, at least on our site, it is. Check out Virtual Villagers Tips andTricks (with help from Last Day of Work):

  • Most of the puzzles are dependent upon some combination of Village Tech, villager skills, and other puzzles. Although some puzzles depend upon the completion of specific puzzles, the 16 puzzles are rarely completed in the order that you see them on the puzzle screen.
  • Pay attention to the things that your villagers are curious about and the messages that you see when you take one of your villagers "exploring" around the island. These often provide clues that will help you solve the puzzles.
  • Another good strategy is to drag one of your adult villagers around the island after every tech purchase and look for new things that they can work on. It takes time for your villagers to gain the necessary skills and technology to work through all of the puzzles.
  • The berry supply is limited and you'll need to find another food source as soon as possible.
  • Nursing mothers devote all of their time to caring for their baby and don't do any productive work in the village for 2 years of game time.
  • Babies eat as much as adults and making too many babies too soon can quickly create a food crisis.
  • The villagers need to be taught to perform a job - they will not initiate tasks in an occupation in which they have no skill.
  • Your villagers will not produce babies if there is not enough housing.
  • Any villager (even a sick one) can heal another villager, but healing is only possible when a villager's status is "Sick" (check the Details screen).
  • Sometimes a villager will "resist" healing attempts by a specific doctor. If that happens, try to heal your sick villager again with a different villager.
  • Picking up a villager while they're working will interrupt them, and they will drop the object that they were carrying.
  • The children can find and harvest a certain kind of food.
Want More? Check out Virtual Villagers at TotemGames

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mysteryville game How to Play - Tips & Tricks

You just download Mysteryville but confused how to play with success?

Check out Tips & Tricks for Mysteryville!

Overall, Mysteryville is a relatively easy to play object discovery game. But for those who find themselves stumped, here are a few pointers to make the "hidden" more obvious.

  • Tips are limited. You get one or two, at best, per location. So, use them wisely.
  • In most cases, hold out to the last possible moment before using the Tip feature. The last item or two are usually the hardest to locate.
  • In some cases, a needed item may be hidden behind another on the list. So, don't get hung up trying to locate one item...unless it's the last one.
  • Quickly identify all the obvious objects. Then, focus on locating the more obscure ones.
  • Learn to see both the forest and the trees. When objects elude you, try to view the scene both as whole, as well as individual parts. This is especially helpful with objects that are silhouettes as opposed to actual items.
  • Don't be too literal when searching for an object. An elephant could be a statue, a depiction in a painting or photo, a shadow on the wall or an animal outside a window.
  • When looking for a list of items, try to quickly "memorize" as many of the objects on the list as you can. It's easier to find them more quickly if you're looking for multiple items rather than one at a time.
  • Objects are often hidden among those of similar color or shape. For instance, straight objects like pencils, rulers and candles are often hidden over or alongside of level surfaces like door frames, window sills and book shelves. A flower may be hidden in the design of a fabric pattern or tooling on a piece of furniture.
  • If time's almost up, you're out of Tips and you still haven't found the last object or two, pause the game by hitting the Esc key. Though darkened a bit, most of the screen is still visible. You may just spot that last item if you look carefully while "off the clock."
Now you are Mysteryville expert. If you still didn't get this fantastic puzzle, just click and get it here! Mysteryville game download

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Treasures of Montezuma

Download and play The Treasures of Montezuma

Get and play The Treasures of Montezuma game.

In The Treasures of Montezuma game, you'll have to match ancient artifacts and activate powerful magic totems, to solve the mystery that can transform the world.You'll also follow the beautiful and clever Dr. Emily Jones. The beginning of her puzzle quest takes her to the mountains of Mexico, where she makes an astounding discovery that sets the archaeological world on fire. But that's only the beginning of the challenges she'll face.

  • 41 levels over 5 episodes.
  • 4 bonus games, 8 bonus levels.
  • 7 Power Totems to activate.

Discover hours of addictive family fun with this unique puzzle adventure. Download The Treasures Of Montezuma.

Download and Play Mysteryville game

Download and play Mysteryville

Download and play Mysteryville game.

In a new puzzle game Mysteryville - you are ace reporter for Countryside Life Magazine. And you have to investigate strange things occur in this town. It seems the town cats are disappearing under suspicious circumstances. Visit the Mysteryville shops, question the residents and examine every detail in your search for the answers behind this feline mystery. Featuring hours of seek-and-find fun, bizarre characters and incredible graphics. Play Mysteryville game - this surprising adventure for your senses!

Download Mysteryville for free and explore full game features:

  • Unique Seek and Find Adventures
  • Strange Characters
  • Gorgeous Full Screen Graphics
  • Seek and Find Fun

Monday, January 15, 2007

Play Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst.

Download and play Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst.

The 3rd episode to the Mystery Case Files games series is finally released! In this episode you will play the role of a detective to investigate an old manor's secrets. Exciting scenario and gameplay will keep you under the influence during all the investigation. It's time for you to become the detective and solve the mystery of Ravenhearst Manor! Click here to Download and play "Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst" game

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Play Flower Shop - New game in Diner Dash-like series

Download Flower Shop: Big City Break

Flower Shop: Big City Break.

In this Diner Dash-like game you and Meg together will try to turn a small flower shop into a "blooming" success? You'll need to keep the customers happy, the flowers blossoming and the money flowing in. Like it? Then see how many demanding customers you can help her serve at once! Expand the business to four stunning locations as you watch the flowers bloom right before your eyes! There are more than 60 fantastic levels in this fantastic action game, so dig your way through and let the fun begin. Download and play Flower Shop today!

Super Granny 3 returns!

Download Super Granny 3

Super Granny back again!

Welcome to Super Granny 3, an all new action, adventure and exploration action game starring the most unlikely superhero ever: Super Granny! In her most ambitious adventure yet, Granny must navigate a run-down theme park and rescue her arch-nemesis, Dr. Meow, from the clutches of the even more dastardly Mr. Fang! Help Granny run, dig, climb and float through five new worlds with over 200 levels of puzzle-solving, item-tossing, hilariously addictive fun. Will Granny and her kitties ever make it home? Download Super Granny 3 game free trial.

Good old classic action game - Bud RedHead

Awesome Space Fanasty!!!

I have beat this game several times and over and still love to play this game. This is a more grown up version of Mario Brothers and definitely more challenging. I love how I got to visit different parts of time. You have to collect a certain amount of gold coins to exit each level. Play Bud RedHead game!!!

Play Diner Dash® Flo on the Go! game (free trial download)

After building a dining empire from scratch and saving five restaurants from the wrecking ball, Flo trades in her apron for a passport to paradise. Seat customers, collect tips, and dress up Flo in vacation outfits. Thrills, spills, and a surprise restaurant await you in the third episode of the original smash hit,
Play Diner Dash® Flo on the Go! game (free download)

Play Virtual Villagers: A New Home game (free trial download)

These poor villagers washed up on shore after surviving a horrific volcanic eruption. You have to guide them in learning how to survive in this real-time simulation game. They learn by doing, but you might have to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't give up too easily. How will you lead your tribe? More info

Diner Dash 2 Tips & Tricks

OK, so you've mastered Diner Dash. But Diner Dash 2 is loaded with new customers, restaurants, and challenges. Check out our

Diner Dash 2 Tips & Tricks

  • Step up to the podium! Use the podium in between chains to make sure you don't lose any customers tired of waiting for a table.
  • It's all about timing! In later levels of the game, let customers line up so that you can seat them more strategically. Seat customers that are going to take the longest first and the impatient customers last — that way everyone will be ready to order at the same time. Don't forget everyone's favorite part of the meal. Make sure you keep your customers happy so that they all order dessert when it's available to sweeten your score! Everyone enjoys a drink on the house! If you see a drink station in your restaurant, bring drinks to the tables and feel the love.
  • Test your multi-tasking skills and earn a bonus along the way. Chain your activities and try taking a bunch of orders in a row Instead of completing one task at a time.
  • Cell-phone Addicts may be annoying to most patrons but tolerated by others. Families don't mind noise so it's safe to seat them near those chatty cell phone guys.
  • Remember those color matching games from kindergarten? Now's the time to bust out those skills to earn yourself some extra bonus points. Seat customers in chairs that match the color of their outfits and watch your score soar!
  • A crying baby needs your attention pronto! Mommy's lap is fine for play but a high chair is the right chair for toddler dining.
  • Nothing ruins a lovely meal faster than the customer with his cell phone glued to his ear! Try to seat these loud-mouth gabbers away from other diners.
Go on and try this tricks in full version of Dinner Dash 2!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Puzzle and action games description

Nice article Puzzle and action games description concerning classic minigames - arcade, puzzle and shooter games. Also, check out TotemGames for the latest released free download games.